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Snap, Crackle, and Pop…at 3AM

Life in Kerr is never boring. But, while other dorms bond over mean professors and cute boys, our dorm bonds over the stupidest of people living here.

I had taken some Benadryl, so I was fast asleep. Until the sound of, what I thought, was two metal pans banging together, woke me, Mickey, and the whole floor up. Now, most of the people got out of bed to investigate the noise, but we just decided to try to fall back asleep. Except there was a problem, people were talking.

Now, in other dorms, you might not be able to hear the sounds outside your room unless it’s shouting. But the walls here are so thin you can hear your neighbor watching Seinfeld because you hear that bass opening. So a bunch of people talking outside in the hall was loud and obnoxious, and it kept me awake.

I never really did go back asleep. With the GroupMe going off and the wandering thoughts I had of what just happened, I just stared at the ceiling and pondered.

When I decided to finally check my phone I got the full story: some jackass set off a fire cracker. A FIRECRACKER! AT 3 OCLOCK IN THE MORNING!

If there is any logical reason to set off a firecracker at 3 o’clock in the morning, I would very much like to know it. Or, I will settle for the name and room number of the person who did this. And I will beat them down…with my words….and maybe my feet.

Correction from Mickey: I did go out into the hall to investigate.


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