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The Burnt Churro Incident

I was innocently watching Netflix when Mickey announced that today was the day that we would try Oreo Churros.

The problem was that the churros instructions specifically said to be cooked in an oven or a fry pan, which we had neither. So, logically, we decided to just stick one in the microwave and cook it until it looked right.

LESSON OF THE DAY: following directions is smart, especially if you are in an enclosed space with permanently locked windows.

In the corner of my eye smoke rose to the low ceiling and Mickey and I cursed our way to our fans, turning them onto high-speed.

“Mickey, the lights red.” I noted as she grabbed the smoky churro with a paper towel. Not two seconds later, the high-pitched alarm sounded.

That led to the mission of trying to find our RA. She wasn’t in the building so I went to the other hall’s RA, who also was not there. I calmed people down as I quickly walked back to my room. When I got there a RA from a separate floor was there, taking our alarm off.

“What caused this?” The RA asked.

“Popcorn.” Mickey answered. “We burnt popcorn.”

And that is what we went with, when I asked her why we didn’t just say Oreo Churros she responded with, “its less embarrassing”. And to that I could not disagree.


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