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Santa Ruined Barnes and Noble

For the past two months I’ve been studying at the Starbucks cafe shop inside Barnes and Noble. It’s usually quiet and smells nice. Also, they have free samples of a lot of stuff that I like, like coffee, and cookies.

But all that ended on November 19th.

The day Santa arrived.

Now, Santa is somewhere else in the mall. But I was under the impression that it would be only a weekend thing.


It’s until Christmas Eve. So, when I came in prepared to learn about some human evolution I was surrounded by children.

I like kids, I think they’re adorable. And I’m not the type of person who gets mad at children for crying. I’m not mad at the kids.

I’m mad at Santa.

These poor parents, they NEED coffee if they’re going to stand in a long ass line to wait for their kids to sit on some strange mans knees whose asks them if they’ve been good this year, and we all know even if those kids are spoiled brats who’ve never said please or thank you in their life they’re gonna say “i was real good, Santa”. Cuz’ they want that bike, or puppy, or iPhone. Whatever they want.

But Starbucks, which is usually peaceful, if not empty in the afternoon is now filled with tired parents and scared/too excited little kids.

And all these kids want is the giant brownie and their mother says “no”, so then they cry, and then the mother says “if you cry then we can’t see Santa”. Then the kids cry more, and ugh. Curse you, Santa.

Which means I will have to find a new place to study. And you’re probably saying “isn’t there a library on campus”? Yes, but it’s filled with too many people. And I need to talk to myself and from what I’ve learned people start getting concerned when they hear a college kid talking about the differences in monkey mandibles and their locomotor patterns.

Or…perhaps this is just what I need to get my spot back. Maybe, if i just keep going word will spread amongst the moms and they’ll say “stay away from Starbucks from 2-5, this creepy girl talks about bones.”



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