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Zombie Apocalypse

Mickey, I, and one of our suite mates, Esme, decided to take on Kerr Hall’s Zombie Apocalypse. It didn’t go as planned.

In the back of my mind, I knew that there would probably be running. I mean, if there is a zombie apocalypse you’re going to have to run at some point or another. I expected running. I did not expect a 26K marathon.

The back story of this zombie apocalypse was we were put in a group of about 10 people. We were put in a room where we were told that we were a part of the few survivors and that if we wanted to be safe we would have to head to the CDC, which was held at the building across the street from the dorm hall.

I thought that it would be one quick burst of running to get across the street and into the building and then they had converted the building into a haunted house, which I was down for.

That’s not what happened.

What happened is that they expected to run around literally half of the campus. They wanted us to run… so far. This is when I knew I was going to die.

I started off pretty strong, I wasn’t the last person to get to the first check point, but I haven’t been going to the gym lately so my heart was pounding pretty fast. I got into the idea that this was the actual zombie apocalypse, the make up was amazing and they were really into it.

There wasn’t much of a break before we had to run to the second stop, keep in mind there was 8 in total. Mickey and Esme stopped after the first one, they got too dizzy. But I carried on, until I got to 4. At stop number four I tasted cooper in my mouth and my head was pounding like someone was hitting it with a sledge-hammer.

So, I had Mickey call me and I pretended that she need me to come pick her up from somewhere. I tapped out. I was pretty impressed how far I ran, I had never run that far in my life… ever. Even during our middle schools annual Turkey Trot, I walked 75% of that.

Afterwards, Mickey and I collapsed in our room, and listened to the screams of people being chased by zombies. It’s pretty funny when it’s not happening to you.

The moral of the story is: if you want kids to run, scare them.


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