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My Weird Ass Dreams – Part 1

Ever since I started sleeping in my dorm room I have had some weird ass dreams. And I have weird dreams to begin with. But these…are just plain strange.

I’ll give two examples, because they are the most recent ones.

Last night I have a dream that I was at a field trip with my old high school classmates. The only person I vividly remember being there was my friend Kelsey. We were there for a “senior trip” sort of thing. There was this ride, that seated four people at a time and it swiveled up and down and side to side. It would go up in a swirling pattern then shoot down to the ground like those drop rollercoasters.

So I sit next to Kelsey and once we get on the ride we suddenly become aware that there is a tornado heading towards us. Instead of getting off the ride we think we’re safer on it, since we are strapped in.

While the tornado drops beside us, the ride starts moving up and down, moving out of its place. Like that trippy part in Mary Poppins, where the carousel starts detaching from itself. Our seats are swept up into the tornado individually and then placed back down.

That’s all I can remember, so, if anyone is a dream analyst, what does this mean?

Next dream:

I was taking a nap today, like I usually do. This dream I was walking over to a friend’s house that I knew somehow, even though I was new to this neighborhood. I got a text from my mother saying that I should be careful because people had been getting robbed before being murdered.

My friend and I started baking and then a knock came at the door. We started freaking out and grabbing weapons. I had a rolling-pin, she had a gun. We opened the door and there was a girl scout girl holding cookies.

We decided then to go out and go to a neighborhood picnic. There, I met my old theater teacher, V; she had four kids who were all covered in dirt, for some reason.

One of the kids came up to me and said, “you’re too pretty” then spread mud on my face.

That is when I woke up. What I am most disappointed about is that my dreams never have a conclusion. I have so many questions for my dream: Did I get off the rollercoaster? What happened to the murderer? Why are the neighborhood picnics?

Let’s call this part 1 of my weird ass dreams, ‘cuz there is going to be more.


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