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I Want a Bunny

I have wanted a lot of animals in my lifetime. When I was a little girl I wanted a dolphin, recently I have been telling my parents I would one day own a panda, when I visited Scotland I was determined to own a sheep, now here I am looking up bunnies on shelter websites.

Mickey and I don’t know where we’re going to live next year but it FOR SURE is not going to be a dorm, especially Kerr.

There is a beautiful poodle waiting for me back home with my parents and I had always planned to bring to up to college with me once I got an apartment, but here’s the thing…my dad takes WAY better care for her than I would. Not that i wouldn’t feed her or anything, but Dad warms up the food in the morning, put some bits of hotdog in there, very fancy, very nice, and Lacey has gotten use to this treatment.

But I understand, I shouldn’t make plans when I am emotionally unstable (stress from school) so I will be contempt with looking at pictures of fluffy rabbits and thinking of great names for them.

I have found that I am partial to Lion head bunnies, you should look them up, they’re super cute.

Let me repeat that I KNOW I can’t have a bunny right now, even if I begged my RA, I would have nowhere to keep her. Also, apparently there are tarantulas lurking about so I wouldn’t want my bunny ¬†unprotected. This would lead to me bringing my bunny to class with me, which would be a distraction for everyone.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t want a bunny.

I want a bunny.


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