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A Failed Sacrifice

A few days ago, on a night like most others, two college freshmen sat at their desks, not being productive.

When I got up to get some water I saw a bug fly by my feet. I did what any rational teenage girl would do… I screamed my ass off.

Mickey picked up her flip-flop and stood up bravely, prepared to do whatever she must. She was very brave… until she found out the bug had wings and then promptly began to scream, which made me scream, which made her scream, which made me abandon her and run into the hallway.

Now, it was probably 10:30 at night so some students weren’t back in their dorm, but one guy was. He came into our room, kind of annoyed that we had disturbed him, and found no bug. Nothing.

We thought it had flew out after us and was long gone, so we went back inside our dorm and laughed it off. We didn’t believe it was really gone though, so I did the first thing I thought of… SACRIFICE.

Mickey got out a small strawberry, since we believed it to be a moth of some kind, put the strawberry in a bowl in the middle of the room and watched it for 10 minutes. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the horrible, discount popcorn we had. On the side of the box, in Sharpie, I wrote: SACRIFICE FOR THE BUG, and placed it outside our room.

At midnight, I decided it was time to go to bed, so I made the long journey from my desk to my bed. On my bed is a giant, stuffed elephant named Elijah. Right when I got comfortable, I pulled Elijah closer so he could be my armrest when out from under his arm came a CRICKET.

I screamed once more, this time louder, as I decided whether or not to risk the 7 foot drop off from my bed.

Mickey freaked out again, and so did our entire floor, which came running to our room and knocking furiously.

I managed to get the cricket to the center of the room while still on my bed as our floor all congregated in our room to decide what to do with it.

One brave soul took the liberty of capturing it with a cup and releasing it outside our dorm hall. After being asked numerous times what the box of popcorn was doing outside our room, everyone left and Mickey and I were finally safe. Except… one thing.

We had sworn to ourselves that the bug was a moth. We thought it had wings, so for the next hour we were waiting for a moth to fly about our room and scare us. So, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

And at 2:30 AM there was still no moth and I was getting sleepy. So, we turned off the lights and went to sleep.

We still have a bit of PTSD from the experience. Every tiny spec, every peripheral vision, is the bug that terrorized us.



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